Having Jessica be a part of my retreat for entrepreneurs added a much needed touch of inner calm, introspection and healing. Jessica has a calming effect on all around her, and she got our bodies moving when she led us on a guided meditative walk through the woods and started out our days on the right note with yoga. She also offered a number of healing sessions with participants of the retreat which every participant raved about. I highly recommend having Jessica involved in your events and retreats as a beautiful compliment to the main topic.
— Lara Wellman, Biz Studio


Travel is Jessica’s middle name. She is in love with exploring and tapping into bountiful healing energy in both hidden and well traveled areas of the world. She has a keen sense for whats needed and follows her inner guidance to help find the source of energy to fill the need. From providing a healing presence at your next retreat to guiding you on your next healing journey she is ready to go when you are!


Would you like to add an element of healing and clearing to your next retreat? Is it time to increase the experience for your participants? Jessica will collaborate with you to find the best way to use her gifts of healing and intuition to compliment your incredible offerings. No matter the retreat, no matter the distance, Jessica’s profound healing is the secret weapon you and your retreat participants have been waiting for!

Guided Trips

Is there a far off distant place calling you? Has your intuition been sending you signals to visit or continue visiting a particular place or country? Jessica completely understands what this feels like. Having an intuitive who can tap into the area and use the energy available for healing will be a game changer for your next trip. Put the questions to rest, listen to the call of your intuition and talk to Jessica today. She can help you figure out why you need to visit and when is the opportune time to go to get the best results.