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Jessica Keats

With strong intuition and a divine connection Jessica has taken the doubters by storm. Her gift of healing came from within and she takes great delight sharing it with the world. Her intention is pure and her ability is profound She is truly the secret weapon you’ve been waiting for.


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Working with Jessica

Working with Jessica is a profound experience. She works with individuals both in and outside of Ottawa, Ontario where she lives. Whether online or in person, Jessica is renowned for her intuition and accuracy.

Individual Healing

Physical, mental, emotional, existential, Jessica has a way of sorting through the chaos of what is effecting us and getting to the root of the issues. She is known for her healing hands, healing presence and accuracy. By allowing herself to be guided she can eliminate guess work and get straight to the fears and limiting beliefs that are effecting you. Jessica sees clients both online and in person. Read more about how individual healing sessions can help you in Life and Business.


Jessica loves to collaborate with like minded individuals to create unique programs and retreats that elevate the growth and success of our common target market. Her profound intuition and Divine guidance is an asset during both the planning and execution phases. She is a remarkable partner to have on any journey. Read More

World Travel

Jessica collaborates with group leaders and individuals keen to travel and experience the wonder the world has to offer. Using the energy of the world’s most unique spaces Jessica helps to elevate and accelerate the healing of individuals as part of a group or one on one. Read More


About Me

In 2006 Jessica began her journey in the fitness industry teaching step aerobics. She moved on to become a Yoga Teacher and began refining her approach to helping people using movement as a therapy.

In her first year of Yoga Therapy training, Jessica became aware of areas in peoples bodies that were not moving while the surrounding areas were moving too much. She noticed while working with clients she would feel drawn to place her hand on these unmoving areas. Something was calling to her and she could feel the inner knowing that her hand was meant to go there. Not knowing why or how long or what she was doing Jessica sought out to learn more through modalities like Cranial Sacral Therapy and Visceral Manipulation Therapy. Both of these modalities agreed that a body would tell us where it needed help and a soft touch coupled with a pure intention could benefit the body underhand.

As Jessica continued to grow her intuition with gentle body work, her intuition began to lead her where to go, how long to be there and what intention to give. It wasn’t long before Jessica moved away from manual and movement based therapies in favour of following her intuition and applying her pure healing intention in the way she was born to do.

Able to heal herself, completing her own healing opened up her ability to completely heal others and work in new and exciting ways. Known for her ability to make a profound change in a persons mind, body and soul within 2-3 sessions, Jessica is renowned for locating and healing limiting beliefs, fears and old unneeded stories so her clients improve physically as well as find freedom to be who they are meant to be.

Jessica Keats is an international Healer offering Healing in person and virtually. She lives in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada and plays worldwide travelling with her clients and groups to explore the healing potential the world holds.