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Jessica Keats

With strong intuition and a divine connection Jessica has taken the doubters by storm. Her gift of healing came from within and she takes great delight sharing it with the world. Her intention is pure and her ability is profound She is truly the secret weapon you’ve been waiting for.


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Working with Jessica

Working with Jessica is a profound experience. She works with individuals both in and outside of Ottawa, Ontario where she lives. Whether online or in person, Jessica is renowned for her intuition and accuracy.

Individual Healing

Physical, mental, emotional, existential, Jessica has a way of sorting through the chaos of what is effecting us and getting to the root of the issues. She is known for her healing hands, healing presence and accuracy. By allowing herself to be guided she can eliminate guess work and get straight to the fears and limiting beliefs that are effecting you. Jessica sees clients both online and in person. Read more about how individual healing sessions can help you in Life and Business.


Jessica loves to collaborate with like minded individuals to create unique programs and retreats that elevate the growth and success of our common target market. Her profound intuition and Divine guidance is an asset during both the planning and execution phases. She is a remarkable partner to have on any journey. Read More

World Travel

Jessica collaborates with group leaders and individuals keen to travel and experience the wonder the world has to offer. Using the energy of the world’s most unique spaces Jessica helps to elevate and accelerate the healing of individuals as part of a group or one on one. Read More


About Me

In 2009, I began studying and teaching yoga, I fell in love with it. It opened me up and made me look inside. I was moving in new ways and I was becoming aware of my body and mind. Yoga encouraged me to slow down, take a look around and ask questions.

My continued training as a Yoga Therapist asked me to come clean about the state of my own body and mind. If I couldn’t see myself I would not be able to truly see my clients who needed my help. I was in pain, real pain, and my mind was full of limiting beliefs and fears. I was asking myself to do movements and poses that were aggravating me. I needed to take a closer look at the traumas, falls, breaks, head injuries, car accidents and surgeries in my life and how they affected my body. It was time to realize my beliefs and behaviors were contributing to my state. It was time to start to heal.

In 2016, I broadened my training to include Craniosacral Therapy and Visceral Manipulation Therapy. My intuition began to grow and I found myself picking up on subtler and subtler cues from my client’s bodies. As my intuition expanded my gift of Healing slowly arose from deep within. My background in Yoga and Ayurveda helped to stabilize the experience creating a nurturing and grounding healing process for my clients and myself.