Jessica’s amazing ability to follow her intuition and connect with the Divine during treatments is something I have never experienced before! The emotional and physical results are amazing! Having tried many healing methods over the years, Jessica’s approach is definitely one of a kind.
— Linda


Your overall health and wellness could be impacted by past traumas, early relationships and passed on behaviors. Your sessions with Jessica will help you clear and get to the bottom of what is keeping you unwell.


When physical pain starts returning or becoming chronic your body is trying to tell you something. When injuries aren’t healing there is usually more going on than we think. When you have run out of answers and you are not getting the results that you want, its time to find out if there is more going on that can be resolved with Jessica’s healing hands.


Your mental health plays a big role in feeling well enough to take on the world. From degrading and harmful self talk to serious diagnosis there is almost always something getting in the way of your inner calm and grounded peace. Jessica has a profound ability to find and heal whats triggering you and help you start to back away from your triggered state.


Whether through religion or spiritual practices we all want to feel connected and belong. We want to feel like we are part of something bigger and that the Divine can hear us. Jessica has a way of connecting you to what has been inside of you since the day you were born. She finds and heals what is in the way and helps you connect to the Divine in the way you were meant to.


Are you wondering who you are? Can’t figure out what you are meant to do, or where you are meant to go? Do you feel like there are energies, curses or worse holding you back? Like you just can’t seem to break through. Jessica is experienced in working on all kinds of issues and weird feelings. She is the one you want to tell your weirdest stuff too. Let her help you figure out what is going on.