Jessica’s profound healing technique is the secret weapon your business has been waiting for. From entrepreneurs to executives, Jessica is able to sense what is getting in the way of expanding and playing big. No matter how far you’ve come there is always another step to take, Jessica can help you remove the fears and limiting beliefs that are holding you back from your next big dream.


Your business is a reflection of your internal emotional/mental/physical state. All of your negative thoughts, fears and limiting beliefs are getting in the way of your business expanding and becoming the vision you dream of. Jessica can help you clear what is in your way so you can start playing big.


Fears and limiting beliefs can rob you of your ability to show up and get noticed. They can impact your ability to speak with confidence and excel in your role, impacting your next big promotion. Working with Jessica will help you clear what is in your way so you can start making headway towards the career of your dreams.


Fears and limiting beliefs can hold your team back, effecting productivity, efficiency, cohesiveness and problem solving. Jessica will come in, get to know your team and work with each member to improve their ability to show up and take their career, as well as the company, to the next level. By removing whats holding them back, your team will be maximized and your company will reap the rewards

Jessica has allowed me to realize more of my potential than I could have done without her. She even unstuck me from some writer’s block. There is no magic in her care (although it feels like it).
— Julia