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Jessica Keats

With strong intuition and a divine connection Jessica has taken the doubters by storm. Her gift of healing was born inside of her and she takes great delight bringing it to the world. Her intention is pure and her ability is profound.


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Taking care of my health, and being in charge for it was not easy. Jessica managed to help me heal, and show me the proper steps to take. She is truly a remarkable healer.
— Amal

Jessica was initially recommended to me by a physiotherapist. After dealing with chronic nerve related pain, but not wanting to rely heavily on pain medication as a solution, I decided to seek consultation with someone who understands and treats illness and pain that is often rooted in a variety of physical and mental stressors. Jessica provided me much needed insight on pain management as well as treatment and pain reduction. I highly recommend her to anyone who is dealing with and wants to learn about the root causes of chronic pain and stress in a natural, personal and drug-free manner.
— Adam

Jessica quickly tunes in to where the problems are and what areas need correction. She has truly been instrumental in my healing.
— Carol Ann

About Me

In 2009, I began studying and teaching yoga, I fell in love with it. It opened me up and made me look inside. I was moving in new ways and I was becoming aware of my body and mind. Yoga encouraged me to slow down, take a look around and ask questions.

My continued training as a Yoga Therapist asked me to come clean about the state of my own body and mind. If I couldn’t see myself I would not be able to truly see my clients who needed my help. I was in pain, real pain, and my mind was full of false beliefs that I believed to be true. I was asking myself to do movements and poses that were aggravating me. I needed to take a closer look at the traumas, falls, breaks, head injuries, car accidents and surgeries in my life and how they affected my body. It was time to realize my beliefs and behaviors were contributing to my state. It was time to start to heal.

In 2016, I broadened my training to include Craniosacral Therapy and Visceral Manipulation Therapy. My intuition began to grow and I found myself picking up on subtler and subtler cues from my client’s bodies. As my intuition expanded my gift of Healing was slowly born. My background in Yoga and Ayurveda helped to stabilize the experience creating a nurturing and grounding healing process for my clients and myself.

As a healer I believe I will only truly help others heal as long as I am also healing.
— Jessica